Therapists: Not One Size Fits All!

I have always been a big proponent that most professions are not one size fits all! Really nothing should be! We are unique individuals and It is why we have specialists and things that distinctly separate one professional from another. It took me time to find a doctor who was the right fit, and next a dentist, who was too hard or too soft, but just right! So it would come as no surprise that a therapist would fit the same pattern, possibly even more so!

 A therapist that feels just right creates a rapport; a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each others feelings or ideas and communicate well. When a client contacts me to inquire about services, I take the time on the phone to get an idea if a good rapport will be established. It is almost like I look for a vibe or energy that demonstrates that we would be a good fit. A good fit is not about my personal preference or what I necessarily want, but it most important for the client and their quality of work. That rapport is crucial to the client’s work. It may be the utmost important part of the journey in the therapeutic process. Below is an article that discusses the five qualities to be able to tell if a therapist is effective! Spoiler alert, rapport plays into each attribute.