Out of Shape or Just the Stairs?

If you are my client, then you know that my building has one flight of stairs that leaves everyone breathless. Even I am surprised as I walk up and down them at least four times daily that I am out of breath. I used to question if it was me and if I was that badly out of shape, but after years of the same results it had to be something else. Many of my clients have had the same reaction and have questioned their own physical fitness. Finally we have an answer! Its not you, its the stairs! This short and sweet little article by Psychology Today breaks down what happens to your body and brain as you approach stairs, even just one flight of them. So as you come visit me in my office in the San Marcos Building, don’t forget to breath as your conquer the flight of stairs. Discovering the little things in life can sometimes make a world of a difference. Proper breathing, its a game changer people!